“From the Rain forests of the BC coast to the tropics of Costa Rica , Leigh Cross spins a wild and rollicking tale of misadventure with as ragged and complicated a crew of ner-do-well’s and social misfits as you could hope to find anywhere, A great read. Sit back  in your favorite chair and enjoy the ride.” G.Bateman

“Leigh Cross has woven an irresistible yarn of hijinks on the high seas. Part modern pirate adventure, part evocation of a much-loved country, part tender love story, The Crooked Albatross and Sweet Fanny Adams throws an improbable mix of talkative Brits, dour Canadians, a couple of kind-hearted cooks, a mysterious peacemaker, and one heavily armed Costa Rican in over their heads in the backwaters of Costa Rica, and tracks their shenanigans in an extremely tall tale you won’t easily forget.” Katie McCabe, Author of Justice Older than the Law.

“I picked up this book and couldn’t put it down. Cross has a gift for description of all sorts but in this case it is his attention to sailing language and customs as well as the descriptions of west coast logging that really shines. A delight to read from cover to cover.”  Fabrizio Minaker

“I had a wonderful time reading Leigh Cross’s The Crooked Albatross and Sweet Fanny Adams.  What makes this book worth your while are the characters so humorously and satirically put together as they stumble their way through their ill-conceived plans to make it rich.  We are transported on boats and airplanes into the tropics as if we too were on board and called upon to resolve the challenges that arise.  The dialogue is nothing short of hilarious as the hero strives to organize and control his crew.  Leigh Cross offers us a delicious romp through a time honoured plot with a few of his own twists and turns.  For a good laugh, read his novel.  You won’t regret it” Leslie Alexander

“Where did Leigh Cross do his logging? His descriptions of camp life are a little too close for comfort. And Cocos Island? Has he been there? It looks like it. I enjoyed this book–funny too.” Harry McSwain, Camp Push, Robo River


“The title, The Crooked Albatross and Sweet Fanny Adams, pulled me in with its sly, ribald humor, and then immediately delivered with a first line which must rank among storytelling’s great beginnings.  READ MORE

“The Crooked Albatross and Sweet Fanny Adams is a great read! In the hilarious prologue, we meet the infamous pirate, Thompson, and learn of the Loot of Lima buried on Cocos island in the eighteenth century. We also learn that Leigh Cross can spin a wild and salty yarn along with the best of story-tellers. The author’s excellent skill with dialogue transforms the reader into a bespectacled fly on the wall–quivering in fear one moment and quaking with laughter the next- but always in the midst of the action. READ MORE

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